Learn the equestrian sport of polo

Polo Field

Polo field at the Bridgehampton Polo Club

Polo is most often played outdoors

The outdoor polo field is 300 yards long and 160 yards wide, slightly larger than nine football fields and almost 10 acres in size, it is the largest field in organized sport.

The boundaries on the sides of the field are the side boards or side lines.

The boundaries at the ends of the field are the end lines, except for that portion between the goal posts, which are the goal lines.

The imaginary line that divides the field equally at right angles to the side lines or side boards is the center line.

In addition to the field of play, there is an area beyond the side and end lines, known as the run off area, and incidents of the game which occur there are treated as though they were on the playing field.

The goals are located in the center 8 yards of each end line between two goal posts. The goal posts are 24 feet apart and a minimum of 10 feet high. The goal posts are at least 10 feet high, round and of equal diameter throughout. They are in vertical position and light enough to break upon collision.

Side boards cannot exceed 11 inches in height. It is permissible to use triangular pieces of wood at the bottom of the side boards toward the playing field to deflect the ball from the side boards. These pieces cannot be over 3 inches wide nor more than 3 inches high.

The field is clearly marked at the center with a T and at all boundaries where there are no side boards and at the edges and center of the 30, 40, and 60 yard lines at each end of the field. Penalty lines are marked at 30 yards from the goal, 40 yards, 60 yards, and at midfield.