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Polo Pony

Polo Ponies

What Breed is a Polo Pony?

Although they are not recognized as a distinct breed, polo ponies are truly unique horses that combine the traits of a number of breeds. Next to a player's skills, the polo pony is the most important factor in polo. And, many times, the pony is the single greatest determinant of the outcome of a match.

The equestrian sport of polo demands the quick burst of speed seen in Thoroughbred horses. The complexity and strategy of a polo match requires the intelligence of Arabian horses. And the rapid turn of play in pursuit of the ball necessitates the agility of Quarter horses.

The English have documented the breeding of polo ponies since 1893. A small thoroughbred stallion named Rosewater holds the title of "foundation sire" for most English ponies.

In the United States, Thoroughbred horses are usually bred with Quarter horses to produce polo ponies.

Since 1930 some of the best polo ponies have been produced in Argentina. The Argentines cross Thoroughbred horses with their local Criollo horses.

It takes time to produce a made pony that loves to play the equestrian sport of polo.