Learn the equestrian sport of polo

Polo Museum and Hall of Fame

Polo Museum watercolor by Bonnie Miller

Founded by four polo players, H. Jeremy Chisholm, Phillip L. B. Iglehart, George C. Sherman Jr., and Leverett S. Miller, the museum archives and displays the sport's historic documents and artifacts.

The current facility opened in 1997 on 10 acres in Lake Worth, Florida, replacing the original one in Lexington, Kentucky.

Museum exhibits detail the origins of the sport, polo ponies, polo players, the rules of polo, as well as the camaraderie and sportsmanship of polo.

Rare paintings of polo scenes and historical photos are displayed on the museum walls. Glass cabinets showcase various artifacts of historical importance including trophies, antique playing equipment, and correspondence.

A library of the history of polo is available for serious students of the equestrian sport containing written records, films and videos.

The museum also houses the Hall of Fame, which honors polo players and polo ponies who have made outstanding contributions to the sport.


Museum of Polo & Hall of Fame
9011 Lake Worth Road
Lake Worth, FL 33467
Tel: 561 969-3210