Learn the equestrian sport of polo

Riding Boots for Polo Players

Polo players have different preferences regarding the style, flexibility, and weight of their riding boots.

Polo Boots

Polo Boots Most polo riding boots are brown leather for a practical reason: black boot polish would stain the white polo breeches during a game. Polo boots protect a player's leg from wayward polo balls as well as bumps from another rider's horse. Polo boots also provide a surface to grip the sides of the horse.

Equestrian riding boots come in a variety of styles and quality. When buying polo boots, try them on first and select a pair that is comfortable, particularly around the ankle area. It takes a couple of days of riding and a little saddle soap to break in a new set of polo boots.


Spurs can be attached to loops fitted to a boot. Polo spurs are rounded to protect the polo pony from injury.